Dear Dr Eric Amidi, Thank you so much for your news letter, I…

Dear Dr Eric,
Thank you so much for your news letter, I appreciate the continued support you are kindly providing.
I found your book fascinating and stimulating at the same time. In particular my visualization of the three selfs has profoundly influenced my internal dialog.
I was able to make strong points to my lower-self in such a way that it was not possible for it to manifest negatives. For example I was able to discover my true self image and act in accordance with the values it promotes. My internal dialog persuaded my lower-self that the self image I was expressing was not a real self image but a phantom self image that did not exist. The change over was comparable to flicking a light switch.
In doing so I was also able to break away from very negative influences that have been part of my life for the last 7 years or so. I do not which to discuss the details of those negative experiences but I will say that I feel that I own the present and do not feel a strong importance to my past. Which has been a broken record repeating the same scenario again and again but not anymore.I have had a one image of a partner who I which to share my life with for many years.
I am not sure if I can say that your teachings have influenced me in finding this person which I did on Saturday 26th October 2008 (one week ago) but I am sure that because of what I have learned from your book I was able to profoundly influence this person in such a honest and open fashion that we are so connected. It is almost scary to comprehend the speed of which this relationship has manifested. Trust me I am not new to relationships I experienced many who only share one characteristic, that being that they are completely diverse, in background, age, race and culture. So in all honesty this new relationship does appear to be something that is just new or exciting, the feeling I have is much deeper than that, and this same feeling as strange as it appears is one my new partner shares with me…
So thank you so much so far. I know I will be writing to thank you again and again as my life and prosperity continues to grow.
I am now thinking each thought is an end result. I want coffee, I do NOT think walk to machine, put money in slot, make coffee, drink it. I just think coffee and then it is there.
This is a thought process I know I have always been using but some how I am now in more control of what I think as due to your book and my personal understanding of how any thought influences the lower-self I am impressing end result scenarios and so far it is working beautifully.
For feedback reasons I like to add the writing style, the font size and the amount of content from you book made it a very simple and yet a very profound learning experience for me. I do not like to re-read most things but that will not be issue when enjoying your book countless more times.
Thanks again and best wishes,

~ Sean, Gorinchem, Netherlands