Dear Dr Eric Amidi , Thank you very much for this …

Dear Dr Eric Amidi ,
Thank you very much for this personal email. I have signed up to a number of sites similar to yours since seeing “The Secret” DVD 18 months ago, and this is the first time someone has written to me directly in this way.
“The Secret” made a huge impact when I saw it, despite the fact that I am an ordained Buddhist, who has been practicing the mettabhavana meditation for sixteen years. I think the main message I received from this film was the notion that like does attract like. I had always been convinced that one lives a life having to work through karmic inheritance, including of course genetic inheritance. Yet here was a teaching which says you can wipe the slate clean simply by turning your thought processes around. And yes, I have been at fault over the years for dwelling un-necessarily on negative matters, even believing that it is better to be a realist (i.e. not to be overly optimistic!)
Your concise and easy-to-assimilate book encapsulates much of what I’ve been reading elsewhere. I went through it once each day for five consecutive days, taking notes. It covers very similar ground to Stuart Lichtman, whose teachings I’ve read about extensively, although I have not signed up for any of his courses. He seems to go into the technique of impressing the subconscious in a highly specialized, even scientific, way – so much so I found it difficult to warm to. You do the same thing but simply, and no less powerfully.
I now realize it is possible to build up a round-the-clock awareness of what the mind is doing, thus affecting the subconscious (what you call The Lower Self) and enabling communication to super consciousness (the Higher Self) to flourish.
So far, since practicing your technique of relaxation and visualization (I was actually focusing on bringing in composition commissions) I have had one supremely clear message – it was in the middle of last week. It was so strong, and sent so many tingling sensations down my head and spine, I could not ignore it.
It was simply this: To love myself.
I know it’s a cliche, one that I’ve heard many times over the decades. Yet here, for the first time it seemed, I was understanding the need to truly love myself, to be proud of myself, and grateful for all that I have accomplished in this life (not mention who knows how many other lives).
Until now I have rated Gratitude as the most powerful lesson I have learned from The Secret and other teachings. With gratitude comes feelings of contentment and well-being, the Happiness that everyone talks and writes about.
But more powerful yet is this realization of fully loving oneself. Now I think I understand why it has been said, from millenniums ago, that you cannot properly love anyone or anything else, until you love yourself.
So that’s where things stand at present.
I hope you are well, and I look forward to your next book.
All good wishes,

~David, London, United Kingdom