Dear Eric Amidi, Thank you for your letter. Of course, …

Dear Eric Amidi,
Thank you for your letter. Of course, I immediately read your book.I was pleased that the content was able to verify my beliefs regarding the laws of attraction. I appreciate the way that you didn’t fill your
content with fluff, but got right to the meat.
I noticed that you, too, see the value of Love in successfully creating what you desire. I have been studying this for quite some years. I believe the primary reason that so many are not creating is not that they focus poorly or desire weekly, but rather that they have deeply inbedded personal conflicts that they refuse to allow to surface so they can become clear enough to move to the next level. It would be fairly difficult to create something if your subconscious mind is focused on something that your conscious has hidden so well that you are totally unaware of it.
To be brief, I enjoyed reading your book. …The secret is not new. Society has just been focused on their miseries instead of their dreams. That is what caused the American Dream to all but disappear. People are so busy living in a world so filled with technological gadgetry that they find it difficult just to keep up with the normal daily chores. They don’t make quiet time for
themselves and they don’t seem to allow themselves to even know or experience a tad of peace.
Society needs change desperately. Without it, our youth are likely doomed. To never look at a tree and hear it breathe, to never try to count the stars or smell the flowers in the field seems to me a sad distraction from reality. Yes, society has created a reality that no longer holds any attractiveness for me. Sadly, however, those growing up in this maze, don’t really know anything else. I pray that the secret is exposed to everyone and I am trying to be a bearer as well to all that I can.
I think it is so important that we remember the Tree of Life, the steps to spirituality and to what we refer to as the Higher Being.
Even the Bible makes it clear that we can do, have or create anything if we just have the faith. Too bad we don’t really believe.
I would love to peruse your new material. The more I learn, the more I want to. Thank you for sharing your work with the world.
Deepest Regards,

~Robin aka Roberta, United States