Dr Eric Amidi, You have helped me make such a fantastic…

Dr Eric Amidi,
You have helped me make such a fantastic difference in my life. I read The Secret last year and started on my own to manifest, but I did not release my middle self quit enough. Although I did get some wonderful results. When I read one of your e-letters I knew I had to learn more. I have your e-book , and manifestation cd. I have been using them since April, now I try to do a manifestation everyday. I could go into more detail, but I am sure you can’t read all these letters.I am in the process of writting my story, little by little and would like to send it to you when I am finished. You are such a wonderful person. You have helped me to make a big difference in alot of ways.At this time, my relationship has been thru some very hard times. No doubt in my mind, it will all be good. So long has I follow the secret. I truly miss your e-letters and stories.