Hello Dr. E, I’ve read The Secret Behind the Secret and…

Hello Dr. E,
I’ve read The Secret Behind the Secret and have been very much working along these lines for myself, having read around a lot of other spiritual material recently, I understand the principles and put them into practice. I’ve also done ‘a lot of work on myself’ in the past, which helps to clear our the debris you wisely cover. You write well and I like your style. You also give some very practical advice about committing yourself to meditation and how to actually settle down to it.
I feel enormous changes have taken place but rather than finding your book new and revelatory, I found it reassuring that I am at on track. Nothing has particularly changed in outer life, except I find other people attracted to me and are asking all kinds of advice. Some listen, most don’t, but that doesn’t seem to matter too much. I just know that ‘circumstances’ are of one’s own making. What I seem to be manifesting is a hugely warm feeling of well being and trust. Colleagues at work show great respect and ask advice. I suddenly get a message of gratitude from out of the blue and rather than feeling smug about it I simply send my gratitude back too. Some people in my social circle are ringing up with their woes and seem to use me as a sounding board for their difficulties. I don’t mind too much of that because I simply don’t get hooked into the negativity. So yes, having thought about it, maybe life is changing for the better.
I shall be interested to see what more you are putting together and wish you well with this work. I think it’s hugely valuable.
With gratitude,

~ Alexandra, United Kingdom