Hello Dr Eric, Thank you for doing this important work…

Hello Dr Eric,
Thank you for doing this important work and sharing it with us. I’ve added your well crafted directions to the arsenal of theory and techniques that I’ve been collecting over many years, including your latest email on fine tuning our affirmations. Thanks again for your continued dialogue.
The concept of being THE AUTHOR of my own destiny, is the good news AND the bad news! Because the law of attraction is impersonal and is not moralistic. It is equally powerful for manifesting good or its opposite. One has to be very, very careful.
Since early childhood, I had been aware of my power to manifest (during a crisis, for example), but ongoing experiences of goodness and love seemed blocked to me. I am now aware that this was caused by the subconscious psychic scars that I had already accumulated in my appalling family-of-origin circumstances.
Arriving at adulthood, I noticed that even after manifesting a success, the event would be ultimately tainted by insurmountable negative elements. (Do you recall the movie, “Bedazzled”?) It felt like that. I knew I had to be attracting the undermining elements, because there was a recurring motif that clearly had all the elements of my childhood trauma.
It seemed as if all had been lost from the outset of my life due to circumstances beyond my control. I even became frightened of fully engaging in life because I felt like a “shit magnet”.
It’s taken me to age 53 to be approaching a place where I feel hopeful. I’m focusing on getting my (formerly destructive) self talk managed and working for me. When the boogey man of bad memories pops up, I deflect them by exercising self acceptance, forgiveness, forgiveness and MORE forgiveness.
I’m finding that this process is critical to maintaining that “feel good” presence that gets me into a slipstream, where the emotional pain of the past doesn’t have me by the throat! It is only then that I am able to freely embrace the happy emotions around positive affirmations, and then life’s synchronicity clicks in.
It’s still baby steps for me, yet. But I have an ever increasing sense of divine grace in my life now. You, Dr E, are part of that.
All the very best to you in your endeavors.

~Katherine, Australia