Levels Of Belief and The Mindset of Highly Successful People


Whether it’s about the success in a specific area or all areas of our lives, our beliefs play a pivotal role.

Repeatable success, or failure for that matter, is the result of a mindset that’s deep-rooted in our psyche. This mindset is so ingrained in the subconscious mind that it’s virtually undetectable. It’s undetectable because it’s the basis of our belief systems, and so it’s taken as a fact right off the bat. It’s the famous fish in the water analogy; we are living in that reality, so we can see none, but that.

When it comes to the relationship between our beliefs and our success in life, there are 3 levels that define the range of results that we can have; ranging from failure to extreme success.

The lowest level

The lowest belief level, which leads to failure, is the belief that your success is wholly based on external events and the circumstances of the environment.

People with such belief level are constantly looking for new opportunities, because they believe that the great opportunities are the only criteria for success. Ironically, since they don’t attribute their success to their contribution, they never follow through with these opportunities. They are quick to abandon any idea for what they consider as the better one, at the drop of a hat.

People at this level may even consider themselves as the “idea man”, but that is merely a cover for the fact that they don’t believe deep down that they have the qualifications to execute their ideas to fruition.

The Mid-level

This level of belief leads to some success, but the success from this level is still situational.

People at this level believe that they possess the skills and qualifications in a specific area. They feel confident that they can perform and achieve results in their area of expertise.

Majority of people fall into this category. They develop a set of skills and carve a niche for themselves in society and get compensated for the services they provide.

This level of success lends itself, partially, to the internal belief that they are in charge of their achievement. However, another factor in their success depends on the environment. Are their skills needed in society? And if yes, for how long?

As soon as the economy changes and certain qualifications are less in demand, their success tends to erode.

Although people at this level are not as powerless as the people in the previous level, they are at the mercy of the circumstances to a great extent.

The Highest Level

This is the belief level of highly successful people. Extremely successful people believe that they have the ability to acquire any skills needed to bring any idea to fruition.

Possessing this belief system, they do not spend much time on search for new opportunities, but they focus on the execution of the existing ones.

People with this belief level have decoupled their success from the circumstances of the environment. In fact, no matter what the economy or the environment throws at them, they only see great opportunities, because they are versatile enough to benefit from any situation.

Highly successful people are usually successful in various and unrelated fields, be it different businesses, or other life accomplishments. The field is irrelevant, because the success comes from their deep-rooted belief system; a belief that they’ve already got all that’s needed for their success.

When you study these different levels of belief and their corresponding success levels, you realize that the degree of success is directly proportional to how much you believe the environment impacts your success versus how much you contribute to your accomplishment.

The more you move towards your internal world from the external, the more successful you become.

Another impact of these belief levels is on your happiness. People are proven to be happier when they believe that they have control over their destiny. It’s not important that the decisions are wrong or right, but happiness is knowing that the decisions are yours.

Eric Amidi

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