About Dr Eric Amidi

dr eric amidiDr. Eric Amidi is a Quantum Physicist. When it comes to science, one of Dr Amidi’s favorite topics is how Quantum Physics relates to our perception of reality and our minds.

The principles of Quantum Physics are the key to understanding the building blocks of the universe. However, at its core, this branch of physics underlines the subjectivity of our reality. To paraphrase Niels Bohr, one of the founders of Quantum Mechanics, the world that we consider as our reality consists of particles that cannot be considered real.

Our observations of the nature impacts the very reality of what we observe, and so we participate and contribute to the reality of what we are observing.

Dr. Eric Amidi along with a group of Physicists at Fermilab, discovered the Top Quark, on March 2, 1995. Quarks are the tiniest pieces of matter. He used Artificial Neural Networks are software programs that can learn, the same way that human brain learns.

The principles of Quantum Physics and Artificial Neural Networks are the basis of Eric’s approach to self improvement.