The Secret Behind The Secret

Thomas, Florida, USA

Dear Dr. E: Thank you for your wonderful e-book. I am having a great time reading it and learning how TO REALLY reach the subconscious mind. Please keep me updated on ALL your super affirmations as I don’t want to miss any of them.

Karen, USA

Dr. E, I enjoyed reading your ebook. It makes perfect sense to me. I’m just starting to apply your insights to my life.

Al P, UK

after receiving your e-book,the gift that you have brought to all of us i see my life changing in the most inconspicuous ways aswell as conspicuous, i no longer suffer fear or doubt or feelings of to be without,the self limiting beliefs i hung onto for so long have all but dissipated along with all self limiting belief systems with in my with deepest gratitude i thankyou.

Catherine, Ireland

I have read it and enjoyed it. I just wish I got time to meditate. I find it makes a huge difference to my daily life. Thank you for your email, it has brought me back to where I should be.

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It’s great! I’ve read your book start to finish and love it. In this crazy busy time of year, it’s difficult to find much alone time to work on these techniques, but at least now whenever I feel overwhelmed and I’m ready to strike out at someone in anger and frustration, I try to take a minute to step back, clear my mind, and just “feel” the flow of positive energy within me. Each time I do this, it seems to become easier.


First and foremost I would like to say thank you for the giant information you have discovered. I read so many books about the law of attraction but nothing is comparable like yours. I really enjoy your book. It is my daily bible.

Frank, Auckland, New Zealand

My dear friend
Thank you so much for your email. A copy of the one you sent to Desi.I have been buying books and trying to learn this subject for some years BUT … nothing ever happened! Until, that is, I bought your book … then; everything seemed to fall into place. I have practiced your teachings diligently and now, I can get into the right mindset in SECONDS! And you know what; it feels so good!…Yes please! Put me into your Questions and Answers folder – I can’t afford to miss anything from you!
Thank you my friend,

Carolyn, CA, United States

Dr. Eric,
I must say: “Thank you for writing the eBook, The Secret Behind The Secret.” I saw the lady who wrote the book The Secret on the “Oprah Show” and frankly, she didn’t impress me. What she said seemed shallow.
I have read your eBook once and I am most impressed by the depth and understanding that comes from reading your writings.
Carolyn from California

Mary, Toronto, Canada

Hi DR Amidi,
You have a very natural ability of having people understand information that is so complicated but yet so simple. Thank you so much for everything your doing. I assert that you truly are the real deal when it comes to teaching this. Your teaching method is Genius and very impactful.

Justin, Auckland, New Zealand

Hello Dr-
In my recent letter to you I meant to say that I am ‘Happy & Grateful’ to have manifested your e-book as my next step in the quest for the fulfillment of the Divine Purpose of the Universal Mind. Just wanted to correct the Energy & thank you once again for your knowledge & love.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Katherine, Australia

Hello Dr E,
Thank you for doing this important work and sharing it with us. I’ve added your well crafted directions to the arsenal of theory and techniques that I’ve been collecting over many years, including your latest email on fine tuning our affirmations. Thanks again for your continued dialogue.
The concept of being THE AUTHOR of my own destiny, is the good news AND the bad news! Because the law of attraction is impersonal and is not moralistic. It is equally powerful for manifesting good or its opposite. One has to be very, very careful.

Since early childhood, I had been aware of my power to manifest (during a crisis, for example), but ongoing experiences of goodness and love seemed blocked to me. I am now aware that this was caused by the subconscious psychic scars that I had already accumulated in my appalling family-of-origin circumstances.
Arriving at adulthood, I noticed that even after manifesting a success, the event would be ultimately tainted by insurmountable negative elements. (Do you recall the movie, “Bedazzled”?) It felt like that. I knew I had to be attracting the undermining elements, because there was a recurring motif that clearly had all the elements of my childhood trauma.
It seemed as if all had been lost from the outset of my life due to circumstances beyond my control. I even became frightened of fully engaging in life because I felt like a “shit magnet”.
It’s taken me to age 53 to be approaching a place where I feel hopeful. I’m focusing on getting my (formerly destructive) self talk managed and working for me. When the boogey man of bad memories pops up, I deflect them by exercising self acceptance, forgiveness, forgiveness and MORE forgiveness.
I’m finding that this process is critical to maintaining that “feel good” presence that gets me into a slipstream, where the emotional pain of the past doesn’t have me by the throat! It is only then that I am able to freely embrace the happy emotions around positive affirmations, and then life’s synchronicity clicks in.
It’s still baby steps for me, yet. But I have an ever increasing sense of divine grace in my life now. You, Dr E, are part of that.

All the very best to you in your endeavors.


David, London, United Kingdom

Dear Dr ,
Thank you very much for this personal email. I have signed up to a number of sites similar to yours since seeing “The Secret” DVD 18 months ago, and this is the first time someone has written to me directly in this way.

“The Secret” made a huge impact when I saw it, despite the fact that I am an ordained Buddhist, who has been practicing the mettabhavana meditation for sixteen years. I think the main message I received from this film was the notion that like does attract like. I had always been convinced that one lives a life having to work through karmic inheritance, including of course genetic inheritance. Yet here was a teaching which says you can wipe the slate clean simply by turning your thought processes around. And yes, I have been at fault over the years for dwelling un-necessarily on negative matters, even believing that it is better to be a realist (i.e. not to be overly optimistic!)

Your concise and easy-to-assimilate book encapsulates much of what I’ve been reading elsewhere. I went through it once each day for five consecutive days, taking notes. It covers very similar ground to Stuart Lichtman, whose teachings I’ve read about extensively, although I have not signed up for any of his courses. He seems to go into the technique of impressing the subconscious in a highly specialized, even scientific, way – so much so I found it difficult to warm to. You do the same thing but simply, and no less powerfully.

I now realize it is possible to build up a round-the-clock awareness of what the mind is doing, thus affecting the subconscious (what you call The Lower Self) and enabling communication to super consciousness (the Higher Self) to flourish.

So far, since practicing your technique of relaxation and visualization (I was actually focusing on bringing in composition commissions) I have had one supremely clear message – it was in the middle of last week. It was so strong, and sent so many tingling sensations down my head and spine, I could not ignore it.

It was simply this: To love myself.

I know it’s a cliche, one that I’ve heard many times over the decades. Yet here, for the first time it seemed, I was understanding the need to truly love myself, to be proud of myself, and grateful for all that I have accomplished in this life (not mention who knows how many other lives).

Until now I have rated Gratitude as the most powerful lesson I have learned from The Secret and other teachings. With gratitude comes feelings of contentment and well-being, the Happiness that everyone talks and writes about.

But more powerful yet is this realization of fully loving oneself. Now I think I understand why it has been said, from millenniums ago, that you cannot properly love anyone or anything else, until you love yourself.

So that’s where things stand at present.

I hope you are well, and I look forward to your next book.

All good wishes,


Chris, Johannesburg, South Africa

Dear Dr E,
Thank you for your mail and the book.
I am nearly finish reading your book and find it very stimulating. There are many books on this subject as you indicated but they don’t explain the “how” your book give very practical advise that is helpful.
Best Regards,

More Info About the Contents of the Book Here…

Claudia, KS, United States

Dear Eric
Thank you for making the “secret” available in such a clear and concise manner. For the first time I understand. Why your book is so understandable is that you haven’t veiled it in esoteric meanings nor diluted it with too much explanation. I also appreciate that you didn’t make a tedious workbook.

The ramifications of quantum theory as “life” rather than “theory,” are incomprehensible to the average human mind. Thank you for awakening me.

About manifestations—I decided to remove obstacles before I started a session and just doing that has had a profound effect on my life. I’m now confident that whatever I choose to manifest will occur. Awareness of such power makes one wish to choose manifestations wisely!
With gratitude and warm regards—

Karen, Dawson Gate, New Zealand

…thank you for your inspiring emails they always seem to come in when I most need them uplifting me & bringing me back on track. Your manifestation cd is awesome so powerful & so effective..everytime time myself & family use it we experience new levels of “deepness”, for want of a better word. Suddenly the world is a better place. In our family business I/we are experiencing increased financial rewards. Just in this last 2 weeks we have been given 2 wage increases and things that we had not wanted in our business have been deleted by the company we contract to. Might I add that this same company had previously given us 2 business’s for free…This was before I found your website because I practiced the law of attraction prior to this. What your e-book & cd have done is to teach me how to be MORE SPECIFIC in my manifesting. I particularly found your email on karma very enlightening. Suddenly the light went on and, I GOT IT! This week so far has been really positive and I can honestly say that I am very happy with how my life is progressing. Thank-you VERY MUCH. God Bless, Love & Light Karen

Doreth, United States

Your book provided the added depth and direction needed to accomplish goals, i.e. the preparatory exercises and the communication path between the three selves.
I am a Buddhist; I try to monitor my thoughts and discovered how peaceful it can be when the chatter (especially the negative ones) considerably subside.
Most related articles that I have read, have been superficial because they did not adequately address “HOW”. A co-worker , who introduced me to the book ,”The Secret”, has been frustrated with it ; she reads it every day, but her life seems to sink lower into the abyss. Your book will be a welcome change for us all. Thank you for addressing a step by step “HOW TO”.

Chandsen, Johannesburg, South Africa

Hi Dr Amidi,
I trust you are well, thanks for providing excellent eBook and the motivation .
I look forwards to hearing from you.
Best regards,


Hi Dr Eric
I must say that I am impressed by your eBook as everything you’ve written in there makes a lot of sense! I’ve read your book & I’m going over it again to make sure that I haven’t missed anything.
Kind Regards

Roberta, United States

Dear Eric,
Thank you for your letter. Of course, I immediately read your book.I was pleased that the content was able to verify my beliefs regarding the laws of attraction. I appreciate the way that you didn’t fill your
content with fluff, but got right to the meat.

I noticed that you, too, see the value of Love in successfully creating what you desire. I have been studying this for quite some years. I believe the primary reason that so many are not creating is not that they focus poorly or desire weekly, but rather that they have deeply inbedded personal conflicts that they refuse to allow to surface so they can become clear enough to move to the next level. It would be fairly difficult to create something if your subconscious mind is focused on something that your conscious has hidden so well that you are totally unaware of it.
To be brief, I enjoyed reading your book. …The secret is not new. Society has just been focused on their miseries instead of their dreams. That is what caused the American Dream to all but disappear. People are so busy living in a world so filled with technological gadgetry that they find it difficult just to keep up with the normal daily chores. They don’t make quiet time for
themselves and they don’t seem to allow themselves to even know or experience a tad of peace.

Society needs change desperately. Without it, our youth are likely doomed. To never look at a tree and hear it breathe, to never try
to count the stars or smell the flowers in the field seems to me a sad distraction from reality. Yes, society has created a reality
that no longer holds any attractiveness for me. Sadly, however, those growing up in this maze, don’t really know anything else.
I pray that the secret is exposed to everyone and I am trying to be a bearer as well to all that I can.

I think it is so important that we remember the Tree of Life, the steps to spirituality and to what we refer to as the Higher Being.
Even the Bible makes it clear that we can do, have or create anything if we just have the faith. Too bad we don’t really believe.

I would love to peruse your new material. The more I learn, the more I want to. Thank you for sharing your work with the world.

Deepest Regards,
Robin aka: Roberta

Darla, MI, United States

Hi Dr Eric,
I must say I loved your book,when my success story is complete I will let you know.Thanks again for your wonderful book,I look forward to your next.Sincerely,Darla

Grant, Chatswood, Australia

Thank you for the ebook I printed it out to read and found that holding it and reading it was great. The actual message is perfect and powerful giving me a very clear way to view my own being and the ability to activate the recovery and actuary processes of self enlightenment. I have been moving within this way of understanding for some time now and I find the book to be a witness to the emerging Me beginning to live the reality I was born to live. I gave the printed book to my daughter who struggles with religious terms and I know she will be able to access the book because of the simplistic language it uses. I hope it is ok to giver her the book as a way to open to her own inner power. I do not intend to make any more copies but would refer people to your website to enable them to access your work for themselves.

I have a powerful awakening story and I have written extensively in book form to express this new found life….

Thanks for your work I appreciate it greatly.

Kim, United States

…Simply loved it! I read it from cover to cover and shared a few pages with a psychologist friend of mine over the phone…. She loved it as well.
I look forward to anymore information that you have to share in the future. I’m especially interested in information about “negative self talk” or what I call “destructive self talk” and the purpose that it serves (if any) as well as how to work around it to attain goals. I have taught Power of Attraction and Visualization courses for over a decade and am always interested in new insights.
My husband is also a published author who wrote on his experiences with this process to physically heal himself when most doctors had given up on him. I’m happy to say that he is has been fully recovered from a spine disease thanks to the power he harnessed in his mind over 15 years. Needless to say, we are both big believers that you must believe to see.
Thanks again for sharing your experiences in your book!

Andrei, CA, United States

Hi Eric,
I read your book and liked it very much. It is concise but clear, like a really good engineering book (i am an engineer). I will need to reread it again to solidify the steps, and practice. I would be very interested in your experiences and examples. … I would be very interested.
Thank you,

Mark, FL, United States

Dr. E,
Wow I love the purchase I have made, very ,very informative!! I even shared some of it with my mother (very devoute christian) and she wants to read it all.Since I purchased it, is there any problem with printing it out and letting her read my copy?? I do have some stories about the law of attraction in my life, but, I am limited on time right now, but, I will send a few when time allows. Thanks for the interest in me and my opinion, it make a person feel good about themselves.I love how you simplify some the most difficult concepts to understand, very impressive!!!
I’ll be in touch,

Marcia, Freeport City, Bahamas

I have read the book and find it very enlightening and it really brings clarity to the basic principles
taught in the bible that most of us have read but did not clearly understand. It is easier for me now to apply the concept of do not worry what you will eat or what you will wear….etc. It really is the same principle that Jesus taught when he said, whatsoever you desire when you pray…….etc.

I am reading the book again. It is great!!

Charlotte, Boksburg, South Africa

Dr E ….. you are AWESOME to have put the WISDOM in such understanding language ….. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ……

Amber, CA, United States

Thank you so much for your book, it has been amazing! I have read it once already, and am planning to read it again to fully grasp it. … Thank You so very much for you time, and support.

Mienoo, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dear Dr.,
I have finished reading your book, The Secret Behind the Secret. I found it very interesting, enlightening and inspiring. I must say that your concept of the Trinity of System is quite unique and simplifies the process of manifestation. I have read quite a few books and numerous articles on the subject of manifestation but none have explained it as you have. I intend to put your teachings into practice and hope (no, not hope — I shall !) to communicate with my Higher Self any time I wish. …

Kind regards,

Donna, FL, United States

Dr. Amidi,
I loved your book, it was awesome. I read it as soon as I received it and did not stop reading it until I finished it in approximately two hours. Before I received the book… I felt like things were out of control. I am amazed at how I was able to meditate with your advice. I have meditated in the past with groups but this feels different. I can only explain it as a numb feeling. I have seen slow small results. It has made me calmer. It made me realize that I MUST relax and let God show me the way with my requests. As you said in your book we must not ask when and I am very impatient but I do agree with you. I need to learn patience and when I refer back to your book I remember to relax.

Thank you for your insight. I can’t wait to share it with others. I am waiting as you suggested to get what I am asking for before I do so.


Robbie, FL, United States

Dear Dr. E.
I just want to thank you for the e-book. I felt I knew all I needed to know in order to manifest my dreams, but I still felt that something was missing. After reading your book things clicked that had not been operating before. So many things have manifested since reading the book that I can’t enumerate them all.

If anyone doubts our connection with the rest of the universe they only have to read your book with the attitude of a child, without questioning the statements and they will begin to experience this extraordinary force in their own lives.

With gratitude and best regards,

John, MA, United States

I really like the e book. I’ve read quite a few other books over the years but yours is the best .I am puting into effect your techniques. One initial thing i have noticed is a more calm and peacefull mind Thank You

Troy, CA, United States

Dr. E,
Thanks so much for taking me 10 steps beyond “The Secret”! You have given me the vital tools needed to achieve my goals and create my own reality.
I thank you!

Asra, WA, United States

Hi Dr. Amidi,
I can’t even begin to tell you how much this book helped me…It has opened the world to me…. It has brought me closer to Islam.
Islam’s claim that it is based on science……..I understood after reading your book……..Every thing we were always told by Islam to do, you explained it through science.

I would love to write to you more in detail another time, but I must thank you for opening my eyes.

Your book has given me an abundance of knowledge, peace, patience, understanding, it has made me a better person, most of all it has
brought me closer to God.

I will be in dept for life.


Dr. E….I have read and love your ebook and sometime make reference to it now and then. I say “now and then” as I am so very busy with current dream making and changes in my life. …Cleo

Frank, Sydney, Australia

Hi Dr. Eric,
yes. I have read your book and found it’s contents to be almost as expected after a lifetime of trying to discover the methods involved. Particularly enlightening is the info concerning clearance of the path to the higher self. I have work to do here. For decades I have had a huge chip on my shoulder and ( happily) it is almost on its way to another place. Long ago, I was told by a man who I now know was very wise, that unless I slayed the lion of anger, I would never achieve in the mysteries. So much has fallen into place thanks to you. I believe there is a connection between this method and the hidden message of alchemy and indeed most of the higher religions and orders of the world. So, there is no manifestation to report yet, although there has been much progress made along the path. My sincere thanks, Francis

Gerda, Westdene, South Africa

Dear Dr E
I purchased your book online on 6 August, and immediately read it and have been applying the techniques you describe, daily.
The results have been phenomenal. My business has taken off in a big way in the last 2 weeks, and I would be naïve to believe that it is pure coincidence.

I just thought I’d let you know, and say a huge thank you.


Micheline, Beloeil, Canada

I found it very enlightening and it makes so much sense.

Thank you for writing it.

Paula, CT, United States

Hi Dr. E,
I am so happy to have read your book because what I now realize is that I have been manifesting things all my life. I even managed to manifest myself into debt which I am now trying to manifest myself out of! I had acquired a lot of credit debt last year which I was doing ok with because I had a job, but I kept thinking, what am I going to do if I lose my job and can’t pay my bills? I was very fearful of this happening, so you can guess what has happened. I thought myself right into the pickle I am in!
On a happier note, about eight years ago, I really desired to do some home remodeling. Our main bathroom was in dire need of gutting and replacing everything from the studs up. I saw a picture of a bathroom that I loved in a Home Depot circular one Sunday and I imagined the same fixtures, wainscotting, and blue tile in our bathroom. I was temping at the time and had not a clue how I was ever going to get that bathroom.I just knew I wanted it. In addition, there were other things I wanted to do in our house. I would always day dream about how it would look with these changes. Once again, I did not know how it was going to happen, I just knew I wanted it. Then one day I got a letter from … corporation stating that they were going to give out a large distribution to the share holders. Needless to say, I made all the changes I had my heart set on.
Another example of manifesting in my life: 11 years ago I was a single, divorced mother of three, working hard to support my family and alone without a partner. One Friday night, my girlfriend wanted me to go out with her to a bar, which I didn’t want to do but she insisted. As I was getting into the car I said to my friend, “You know, I have resigned myself to the fact that I going to be alone for the rest of my life and that I will never meet the right person for me, and certainly not at a bar! But I accept that and I can live with it.” Well, we are at the bar and she wants to stay longer than me. I was ready to go home and I needed a ride, so I asked someone I knew there if they knew anyone who could give me a ride. And he said, sure, my friend, … , here can give you a ride. He introduced me to … , and he was a handsome man and offerred to give me ride. When we got to my house, for some reason, I asked him to come in and told him that I normally don’t do that with strangers. We sat in my living room and talked into the wee hours of the morning. He was very nice. He asked me if I was divorced and I told him I had been for five years. I asked about him and he said he was separated. I asked him for how long and he said that his wife had just left him that afternoon! Well, the next day I told my girlfriend about him and that I would probably never see him again, but that Sunday night, there was a knock at my front door, and who do you think was there? He came back to see me and we have been together ever since. That was in December 1997.

Ann, Wellington, New Zealand

Dear Dr. E,
I am always and ever interested in any kind of “Higher Self ” stuff, so I lovvvve your book. Am reading it for the third time to really let it sink in. I am preparing my manifestation process carefully and only today I came across TWO pieces of info. about same, one in todays newspaper and one on the net, just couldn’t believe it!

For a long time I have been reading all this type of info. but you are right to say that this is the meat in the sandwich. Your book is more advanced than anything I have ever come across.
I am very delighted and very happy with it. Thank you and I wish you well with all your work.

Best regards,

Micheline, Perth, Australia

Hi Eric,
Your ebook is the best I have read so far and I have started to apply your principles. The best point you make is about our relationship with the higher self. Of course I had read a lot about it, but never about the real teamwork between all three selves. And it does work. Also the idea of not checking on the work of the higher self; I used to sort of tell the higher self [the Infinite Universe] how things should happen. I don’t do it anymore and things are going much better.

Thanks for your wisdom


Jose, CO, United States

I thank you for your e-book it is by far the best I have read on the material. I love your book. However I have one question. What am I to do after the sessions? for example if in my sessions i am affirming that i am wealthy. After the session is over, after the gratitude, should i use my concsious mind to re-affirm that I am wealthy, or simply let go and trust that my higher self will manifest it when it knows best? (expect).

Thank you so much!

Laurie, CA, United States

Hi Dr Amidi,
I purchased your E-Book 2 weeks ago and followed your simple instructions for manifesting
wealth. I have been trying to meditate blindly for approx. 10 months now without any results. I tried books and CD’s but I just was not getting it. I was still anxious, uneasy, & frustrated.

The first night I meditated using your style, I had tears pouring out of my eyes for about 45 min. I felt the God within and everything you claimed on your book. There are no words to express the divine being I feel when I’m meditating mornings and evenings and sometimes, mid-days.

Thank you very much for this new experience. I’m hooked. Please keep me updated with your products.

My deepest gratitude,


Dr Amidi,
You have helped me make such a fantastic difference in my life. I read The Secret last year and started on my own to manifest, but I did not release my middle self quit enough. Although I did get some wonderful results. When I read one of your e-letters
I knew I had to learn more. I have your e-book , and manifestation cd. I have been using them since April, now I try to do a manifestation everyday. I could go into more detail, but I am sure you can’t read all these letters.I am in the process of writting my story, little by little and would like to send it to you when I am finished. You are such a wonderful person. You have helped
me to make a big difference in alot of ways.At this time, my relationship has been thru some very hard times. No doubt in
my mind, it will all be good. So long has I follow the secret. I truly miss your e-letters and stories.


Robert, UT, United States

Dr E,
Thanks for the email. The ebook is excellent, well-written, and concise. I can feel the truth in it. I have no success story to share yet, but I am excited to put these principles into action. First I need to clean up some things in my subconscious and clear my path to the superconscious. I look forward to your future emails.
Thanks again.

Sharon, OR, United States

Dear Dr. E,
Your ebook is fabulous and I am totally inspired even though I have been living the law of attraction for over 20 years.

Monica, FL, United States

First of all I would like to congratulate you for your book. It is very clear and helps me too much.
I’ve be reading a lot of books with the same subjet from almost 3 years and, as I am a very diciplinate person I am doing a lot of exercices every day.
For many people I am a miracle maker and I know i’m really am. What I don’t get it, until recently, is why some times it hapens, and some times it is so frustating .
I am reading books in english. This can tell you how much I want to understand and how much I want to manifest thinks in my life.
I am pretty tired to fight alone , and to count with me for everything .My family sees me as a dreamer and I am. I am a winner.
Thanks to help me to bild my dreams.

Alexandra, United Kingdom

I’m getting such a lot out of your e-book and these emails. I hope you are aware of the
great favours your are doing out here. Have read and re-read The Secret Behind the Secret and can tell
you that it shoves me towards a place of serenity and harmony… a kind of ‘sure-footedness’ and agreeable
connection with this world.

Best wishes to you, wherever you are

Pam, MS, United States

Dr. Amidi,
Your ebook definitely opened me eyes. Now I just need to learn how to apply it to my life, and practice using it.

This morning I was drinking coffee and like a ton of brick had hit me on top of my head, I thought about something that happened yesterday. After having read your ebook and also the Secret, I knew it was not just a coincidence. I also realized there really is not time frame.

The idea I thought about 1 year and 2 mos. ago has open up again and now I know how I can do it and where I need to go to get it done. WOW !! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with everyone and I just hope I can use it and open my mind to prosper from it.

Ramun, Johannesburg, South Africa

Dear Dr Amidi,
I cannot express in words how much this means for me. Thanks to you I am enjoying life and all that is has to offer. Until I read your book it seemed as if I was walking through the journey of life with a dark cloud hanging over my head. This was because I did not realize and appreciate the value of the subconscious. All I can say is your book is great – a million thanks to you.

Kind regards

Jean, USA

Yes, I have read your book and plan to reread it many times. It has been such a revelation to me and I thank you for sharing this beautiful book. Since, my first reading I have experienced such a wonderful peace and feeling as though I’m looking at everything through a new set of eyes. I’ve tried the manifestation, but I will need to practice that. I am also working on the self talk. Your book is so profound that it will take some time to really absorb it all.

Ruhia, Auckland,NZ

I enjoyed reading your book. I feel I need to read it again to really comprehend. I came to a point where I realised i was not enjoying my work and found I was listening and paying too much attention to the negative vibes around me. I clicked onto the internet and typed positive thinking and this is how I found your book.

I have found that I am now consciously correcting myself when I have negative thoughts and I must say I seem to be more content and attracting more positive support. My aim to be unconsciously conscious at being positive.

I will at some point write back to you with more to say but at this moment I am sitting in the Auckland Airport NZ waiting for my plane to go to Wellington.

Thank you for taking the time to send this email and I am very grateful to have received your wonderful book. When I have read through it a second time my daughter has asked if she could read it.

Cheryl, California,USA

can’t thank you enough for making “The Secret Behind The Secret” available to me for purchase! I am roughly half way through the book now and in the first week I have already noticed many positive changes coming about in my life! My inner person has come alive with ideas to implement in my on-line business and personal life and just this last week I was given an opportunity to speak to 396+ of my co-workers in a meeting about the power of positive thinking but here’s the catch! This invitation came only 15 minutes before I was to speak and I was not prepared! No Notes, No Outline, this was cold turkey and I was scared!
When I stepped up to the microphone and opened my mouth, the words just began to flow! It was like I was being used by some other source or power to communicate those thoughts to that crowd! Your book is powerful! I recommend it to everyone in search of knowledge!

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