What’s True Believing? (Story of 2 Friends)

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In this article, I am going to talk about something that a lot of people have asked me…

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How would I know that my subconscious mind has been impressed and I truly believe in manifestation of my desire?

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That is an excellent question.

But, before I explain that, let’s talk about something that can lead to the answer.

And that is: “What is True Believing?”

People can say that they believe something to be true, but that is not the “true believing”. That’s something they say at the conscious level.

True believing is not something that you say you believe, or even logically think it’s true.

It’s much deeper than that…

It’s so deep that you may not be even aware of it . It can be a belief that you don’t even know you have and yet it affects your life drastically.

So if you may not be aware of it, then where is this belief?

The true belief is the subconscious belief…

The subconscious belief is a belief that will end up manifesting things in your life, but you may not even know about it or even admit it.

This belief has been imprinted in your subconscious mind in time and through various sources, like media, parents, teachers, and society in general…

At some point in your life, you accepted some concepts to be true and they became your subconscious belief.

You may not detect such beliefs directly, but their effects in your life are very real.

The way you behave and eventually what manifests in your life are all results of your subconscious beliefs.

So now, you know “where” your true beliefs are – in your subconscious mind.

But the big question remains: “What is” true believing?

This little story may shed some light on the answer…

This story is the story of two friends… Two friends who grew up together in a small town…

And like most kids, they were always competitive and would challenge each other. They would challenge each other in lifting weights, running, arm wrestling, and … you name it.

One of these two friends was physically stronger and would beat the other in every challenge, except one. There was one challenge that the stronger friend could not win.

Their small town was next to a river, a very wide river, that people would cross only with row boats.

One of the challenges was who could make it to the other side first, swimming…

The physically weaker friend would win this race every time… In fact, the stronger friend would start swimming back before he got halfway across the river…

This went on till they grew up…

Twenty years later, the friend who was physically weaker, but now rich and successful beyond imagination, came back to their childhood town to meet his old friend.

After an hour of chatting and reminiscing, the question came up…

The old friend asked his now rich friend: “What I still don’t understand is that even though you were always physically weaker than me, how could you swim across the river but I couldn’t? What was your secret?

The now incredibly successful friend smiled and said:

“My secret had nothing to do with my physical strength. We both had enough strength to swim across the river, but you would save some of your energy for swimming back in case you couldn’t reach the other side. I never saved any energy for swimming back, so I had no choice but to swim forward and reach the other side. You, my friend, always expected to fail, so you saved some energy for swimming back to the shore, whereas I only expected to make it across, so I never saved any energy for return.”

And that is “True Believing”…

“True Believing” is your “Expectations”.

True believing is not what you “say” you believe to be true, but it’s what you “Expect” to be true.

John Lilly, once said:

“In the province of the mind what one believes to be true, either is true or becomes true within certain limits. These limits are to be found experimentally and experientially. When so found these limits turn out to be further beliefs to be transcended. In the province of the mind there are no limits.”

Yes, call it the mystery of the universe, if you will, but what you expect will become reality…

Not what you wish, dream, or hope, but what you “expect”…

You are the creator of the reality. That reality is created by your true belief.

And your “true belief” is your “expectation”

So when you want to know if you have impressed your subconscious mind and truly believe in something, look inside and ask yourself. Do you expect your desire to manifest in the world? You know the answer.

It may not be easy to tell if you truly believe in something or not, but you can honestly tell if you expect something or not.

In the next letters, I’ll explain how you can use the power of expectations to master manifestations in your life…

Eric Amidi


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