Hi Dr E, Yes I read your e-book & found it enormously…

Hi Dr E, Yes I read your e-book & found it enormously enlightening. I have been
aware of & fascinated in quantum physics, the laws of attraction & vibrational energy for quite a no of years. Like many people I have read ‘the secret’ & studied the dvd.
I agree that many assumptions are made that all persons studying ‘the secret’ have a higher level of awareness & understanding than many do.
I enjoyed your book & like other readers could not put it down. I couldn’t wait to get some time alone to read & work through it. I do see the smaller manifestations occurring in my life absolutely & am I anticipate with excitement the truly bigger manifestation that will come to me down the track.
Your book comforted me, as it confirmed for me the sense I had that little gifts of manifestation can be part of the process & I have sincere gratitude for these more now than ever. Dr E, only days after reading your book, I have had to deal with the
death of my darling dad….. and as tough as that is to write say & live at times, I am
blessed beyond belief, as I had the privledge of being with him when he passed over, as well as I was honoured to pray for him & he had a beautiful peaceful & painfree passing & was surrounded by deep love & affection from myself & my mum.
So, whilst I only got to read your book once & this family crisis occurred, I am aware of all the wonderful blessings & answered prayers & gifts associated with this loss of my Dad. Only someone like yourself will understand what I mean.
Thank you for reading my feedback & I look forward to your teachings about the laws of attraction very soon. I appreciate your generosity & information.
Kind Regards,

~ Diane, Sydney, Australia