Can’t thank you enough for making The Secret Behind The …

Can’t thank you enough for making “The Secret Behind The Secret” available to me for purchase! I am roughly half way through the book now and in the first week I have already noticed many positive changes coming about in my life! My inner person has come alive with ideas to implement in my on-line business and personal life and just this last week I was given an opportunity to speak to 396+ of my co-workers in a meeting about the power of positive thinking but here’s the catch! This invitation came only 15 minutes before I was to speak and I was not prepared! No Notes, No Outline, this was cold turkey and I was scared!
When I stepped up to the microphone and opened my mouth, the words just began to flow! It was like I was being used by some other source or power to communicate those thoughts to that crowd! Your book is powerful! I recommend it to everyone in search of knowledge!

~Cheryl, California,USA